Undulatus asperatus

caught by Alex Schueth

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Wang Ruilin

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I found a mysterious roll of undeveloped black and white film while cleaning my room and !SURPRISE CHRISTMAS!, It was a long lost roll of photos from my trip to Iceland!

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Otter Skulls

currently available on my etsy

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currently on repeat in my room


Fact: my cat is the cutest

Fact: my cat is the cutest

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New stuff on Etsy

check it

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First Aid Kit

Cedar Lane

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Just finished this little book.

It’s now for sale on Etsy.

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I made this zine with Jake.

Buy it on etsy for just $5.

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yaroslav gerzhedovich


yaroslav gerzhedovich

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Darren Waterston

Darren Waterston

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Darren Waterston
my new favorite

Darren Waterston

my new favorite

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